What is it?

Improving your technique as a musician requires tedious hours of a neverending exercises, scales, arpeggios, patterns. Gitori is a toolkit that helps musicians play better by making practice easier.

Why should I use it?

Learning "how" to play that G minor arpeggio or funky slap-bass groove is easy to look up on the internet. But thats the only easy part.

You practice over weeks and months, trying to sound like Steve Vai, but you don't seem to get any better. Progress is slow and unmotivating. A few weeks later, that beautiful acoustic mapletop gathers dust in the closet. The next time you pass by the neighborhood Guitar Center, you play the 'Stairway to Heaven' intro and smile wistfully.

We don't want you to be that guy.

Who is it for?

Musical instrument players of all skill levels.

How does it work?

At the heart of it, Gitori is simply a programmable metronome that gives you points for each minute you practice with it. There are all kinds of metrics, graphs and charts that track your progress and keep you motivated. There is also a growing collection of user-contributed practice material for you to choose from, but you're always free to create your own.

Lets look at each of these in detail

Graph Metronome

Since the early 19th century, Metronomes have been the most widely ignored recommended best-practice for musicians. Naturally, we couldn't make an app aimed at musicians without a metronome at its heart. Except that this ain't your gramma's metronome. The Graph Metronome in Gitori allows you to progressively adjust your tempo over a period of time. This allows for hands-free playing, pre-programmed warmups and tempo-progressions aimed at improving playing speed.

Karma Stats

You can't manage what you can't measure. We track more data points about your progress than you can shake your pick at. Every minute you spend practicing with Gitori earns you a minute of 'karma'. We collect a bunch of numbers based on your practice sessions and render them as pretty charts that show your progress over time. We even send you a weekly report of your practice times.
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Exercise Playlist

Exercises are...well...exercises to practice on your instrument. They usually consist of a video, a description and tabs/sheet music. There is a growing list of exercises that we've created just for Gitori, but we're depending on people like you to create more. The Playlist is your personal list of exercises that you choose to work on. You can browse or search the list of all available exercises and add them to your playlist. The exercises also serve as the one place where you can organize all your practice material (notes/tabs/sheet music/videos).
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Levels and Leaderboard

Apart from the pretty Karma Reports and charts, we also added two more reasons to keep you motivated:
  • Levels: As you keep earning minutes of Karma, you keep progressing along the levels. It gives you something to show for all the hours you've put in and keeps you aiming for the next level.
  • Leaderboard: Here's where you can channel your competitive streak and see how your karma ranks against other Gitori users.

Feature Tour

Check out this screencast to learn more about some of the features Gitori has to offer.

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